Justin Simmons Construction, LLC

With over 26 years of combined experience, Justin and Anna Simmons founded Justin Simmons Construction, LLC in April 2006. When you choose this company, you’re getting a family-owned and operated company that will design, estimate and build your structures custom tailored to best suit you, your property, your lifestyle, and most importantly your budget.

With crews that are experts in their fields and lead guys that have worked with the company almost as long as we’ve it’s in business, you are essentially one big JSC family.

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The JSC Difference

Our Foundation of Honesty Loyalty

We are firm in our belief in Jesus Christ and try our best to bring those morals and values into our everyday lives.

We have been blessed far more than we deserve and are very thankful for every opportunity the Lord has given us. We have been given the opportunity to grow through adversity and try to be examples of that Faith by blessing others along the way.

We Have the Right Equipment

“We use a barge-mounted John Deere 160G along with a Hercules side grip vibratory hammer to drive our piles and through posts. We can safely drive up to a 45’ 12”x12” square posts and can ensure they drive deeper than our competitors. This leaves you with a solid foundation, significantly reducing the risk of movement and settling. With our section barge and material barges, we can also offer the unique ability to construct your entire project from the water, leaving your landscaping intact.


We work with an incredibly talented team. Together we provide our customers with quality services and structures that are proven to last. Our boathouse and walls are constructed using the highest quality materials using techniques to ensure your investment will last a lifetime.


We genuinely enjoy bringing someone’s dream to life. Our low-maintenance projects are customized to your wants and needs. Every project is tailored around your lifestyle with the terrain and existing structures in mind. Each detail is designed for maximum efficiency and ease of use.

With our 3D design capabilities, you can see what your new structure will look like, and with our AutoCAD program, we can ensure that the structure is precise in the foundation and framing details.